Friday, February 18, 2022


Anyway I forgot to show some pictures of frame mods. Every thing that you are locking at was bent cut, fitted and welded by myself. A lot of work ,and frustrations involved here, but at the end, you get some satisfaction that you are the one who did this. I have a lot more photos to load and I will putting them up. 

Any questions or comments, weather good or bad, are welcome, Maybe I could learn something, thanks  PAISANO.

There's not a whole lote of room under this ,once you start to add things to it.

Picture of the right front spindle and steering links.
If I remember right, the rear shocks are mounted at an angle of 18-21 degrees. This gives a fairly good ride plus good traction. 


The start of the wiring process and component mock ups

Well now that the body is bolted down to the frame and insulation installed its time to start the wiring process. I'm starting from the rear and working my way forward. the tail lights are not fully secured as the paint has yet to go on. I got a 
RON FRANCIS -BARE BONES-KIT which is the kit which has the minimal wiring circuits in the kit.
as I intend on not having a radio and AC creature comforts, I figure I won't need them as the sound will be the all the music I will need.


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Body Mounted.

Well it took 5 of us to get the body mounted with no big issues as for an old car. We were very careful not to bend to screw up the body. I installed "DYNAMAT" to the whole inside of body. This stuff is great and not real difficult to install. It took me a while but it came out well. When you tap on the body it sounds like a dull thud, real solid. It not the cheapest stuff but hopefully it will keep heat and down down.