Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wilwood Master cylinder with vaoum booster
As the brake system is starting to be mocked up,I haven't figured out how much compression the motor is gonna have.I am taking a small precaution as to power brakes .I've installed a vacum resivior.It will be close to the booster/master cylinder system.I will hope for the best and if it doesn't work,will take the booster out.
Not enough vacum to operate a booster,gives a supper hard pedal.

Running out of room as where to fit things before plumbing lines and hoses. spent a long time trying to figure as where to put the NOS tank.After consideration,it will fit under the passenger floor board and accessed from the bottom.Two clamps placed at about 30 degree angle will hold it up.I made another brace that will keep it stationary so it won't slide back. Comes loose with a clevois pin.
No room in the trunk as 20 gallon fuel cell,storage box and 

battery system. 

Rear Drive shaft loop
Front Loop
A  Happy New  Year to all.Been working out in the shop with with a propane heater.Seems ok,stays around 55- 60.Cant't complain. I made this front drive shaft loop ,with some 1" tube for the loop and 1 1/4 for the lower brace and welded up to the center crossmember.It will sit about 4-6 inches from the u joint.
The rear loop I had bought several years ago from "welder series"
out of Canada.Paul Horton and son "DW" are good people and will work with you.
The rear one will be about 4"from the pinion snout when the 9" inch goes in.Centered everyhting and double checked before the welding was finished.