Saturday, November 16, 2013

Well haven't had a whole lot of time lately to do anything.Had some health issues and been taking it slow.It's a bitch getting old,but here goes.I have been able to do a little work on the car.Here's a couple pictures of the finished floor and trans hump area.
Did it by hand,roller,tire, hammers and lot of "CUSSING"
All this is hand formed and hand made.I used things like a tire, bead roller to make a radius and make slight lips in the metal.Later I will cut out a hole for the trans linkage and shift handle.
After that,I had to wait a few weeks for my son and his strong friends,to come over and pull the body off again.Now made a body holding fixture on caster so i can move the body around with makes it real easy now to roll and get to other parts of the shop quick.Used  some 1x 1-1/2 tubing and welded it up almost like a lazy wedge shape so I can access things like body mounting holes and the rocker panel my father had made.33 Fords didn't have these,and without fenders you can see part of the frame rails.That was a nice touch he did back in 65-66.I didn't recall anyone having these back then when they ran without fenders.
Any pros or cons about this blog are appreciated.Maybe we can all learn a little bit by it.Till next  post.

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