Sunday, November 17, 2013

Got it up on its side so I could do some finish welding.could not have done this without Panhead Phil's cherry picker. I tell you what,this sure to me anyway is the best way I know to do this when you are by yourself without another hand to help out.

Up on its side for finish Welds
 It sure helps getting decent welds on which not only is safer and better,they also come out real pretty good looking also. I must confess,that while bringing the frame back down on to jack stands when I was done,that it slipped on me and got the top of my foot.Yeah,the damm thing fell on my foot,and really swelled up for a couple days.What can I say,man,it was worth it and do it again if needed too.
Thanks for looking & comments always welcome.

Using an angle engine locator chain system really helps with leveling and securing frame on jack stands.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

"Moving", Stopping right along!

Started to install the brake pedal & master cylinder brackets.Had tacked them on first so to make sure that they stayed inline to each other.The angle looks right,so I will be finishing up the welds on this soon,when I put the frame up on its side.
The master cylinder and booster brackets mounting

This one shows the pedal swing arms in relation to the booster.

Strike 3 and Yor' out!

I can't tell you how many times I had to move and reposition the battery box and the fuel cell mounts. Considering that the car does not have a trunk,I got the bright idea that I could use some storage space back there.So I bought an Army surplus motor box that about 2' long and about 7" wide. Then I modified the  can's opening so the lower part of the door would stay on without falling off. This worked great and it protects the fuel cell from possibly any contact from the battery.
Damm,am I  smart or what?

I can't tell you how many times I had to modify this $%#^&*^ fuel tank support system. 

Once the body was removed it was time to really  concentrate on the frame.First I decided to do was make a removable rear spreader so I can later weld some brackets for the "nerf" bars.This is made from 1x1-1/2 tubing with 2 ends welded on and drilled for 2 3/8" bolts on each side
.It's made with the wide end parallel to the top of the frame for strength. 
This should be ok and serve as a bumper support and tag plate holder for later.
Well haven't had a whole lot of time lately to do anything.Had some health issues and been taking it slow.It's a bitch getting old,but here goes.I have been able to do a little work on the car.Here's a couple pictures of the finished floor and trans hump area.
Did it by hand,roller,tire, hammers and lot of "CUSSING"
All this is hand formed and hand made.I used things like a tire, bead roller to make a radius and make slight lips in the metal.Later I will cut out a hole for the trans linkage and shift handle.
After that,I had to wait a few weeks for my son and his strong friends,to come over and pull the body off again.Now made a body holding fixture on caster so i can move the body around with makes it real easy now to roll and get to other parts of the shop quick.Used  some 1x 1-1/2 tubing and welded it up almost like a lazy wedge shape so I can access things like body mounting holes and the rocker panel my father had made.33 Fords didn't have these,and without fenders you can see part of the frame rails.That was a nice touch he did back in 65-66.I didn't recall anyone having these back then when they ran without fenders.
Any pros or cons about this blog are appreciated.Maybe we can all learn a little bit by it.Till next  post.