Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I have been fabricating the driver's & right side "Toe Boards". Lot of bending around on the right side making clearance for the bell housing area and where the starter mounts. A C-6 transmission is not exactly what you would call small,in comparing to a C-4.
This is being made with 16-18 gauge,as this is part of the floor system.
Later everything will be covered with a heat shield/sound absorbing material as to dissipate a "Hot Foot."
Driver's side toe board

Lots of tack welds and grinding off the welds makes this a time consuming  project.

C-6 trans clearance is at a minimum 

Close up of left side board.

Right toe board is shaped different than left for starter area clearance.
Well'l be pulling the motor mock up soon so I can finish  the outside section of the firewall.

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