Friday, March 8, 2013

445 FE 390 in '68 Mustang

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I have been fabricating the driver's & right side "Toe Boards". Lot of bending around on the right side making clearance for the bell housing area and where the starter mounts. A C-6 transmission is not exactly what you would call small,in comparing to a C-4.
This is being made with 16-18 gauge,as this is part of the floor system.
Later everything will be covered with a heat shield/sound absorbing material as to dissipate a "Hot Foot."
Driver's side toe board

Lots of tack welds and grinding off the welds makes this a time consuming  project.

C-6 trans clearance is at a minimum 

Close up of left side board.

Right toe board is shaped different than left for starter area clearance.
Well'l be pulling the motor mock up soon so I can finish  the outside section of the firewall.
Well,the weather in Maryland sucks right now. I've been making the frame for the fuel cell & battery,which will go in the trunk area,and be bolted down to the body mounting points.
Here's a  bottom view from the Battery hold down side down to the other side

This is what the system looks like complete

The system is very rigid and should move or vibrate when it will be bolted down.Here are a couple flicks of the setup.It is made of square tubing with cross bracing.
The fuel cell itself is a twenty gallon system measuring approx, 24 /1/2 x 20 . Its an RCI unit.