Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lot's of cuts made in order to shape these  around the body door frame area.The amount of cut is determined by how easy it is to bend evenly without going all the way through.
They will be welded back up or strength welds added to nocthes
Happy Hallowean to everyone.Haven't a lot of time lately to do anything with this site,but I have been working on the coupe.Considering that in the olden days of "YORE" the inside of the door posts supports were made of wood.That is what they used to attach door hinges,etc, to the body.Well besides termites and almost 80,years on it,this is either gone to termite heaven or its petrefied.
Got some steel  square tubing which is almost perfect for this type of modification.Note-did you know that "square" tubing is actually rounded on the 4 corners? This is for strength,not to make it easier on your dainty hands.Round tubing has more strength because the load is place evenly,square is not.That's why is has rounded corners,cool hah?

Right & left side made almost identical.Took about 2 hours to make as it was constant back and forth from fitting on body than to the saw.The less amount of notches,the less welding back up and time saved.
The pieces of tubing helps keep the panel with distribution.Don't want to have vise grips crush on this.
The beams go on the top inside of this and down by the hinges.I'll try to get a better flick of this.
Anyhow picture shows what a chop saw can do,verses having to do this by hand.I made both door inner inner area on body.Cut and hand formed these to fit around openings.Thes cut secections will be welded up again when final fit is done.Then they will be tied into the body by welding in place.this will make it real ridid and give the hinges a good place to mount to.

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