Monday, October 3, 2011


Once again,in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness MONTH,I will post in this color.Hopefully, we find a cure,Thanks.
I been waiting for some "bodies"to show up so I can reinstall the body to the frame.While waiting,I been to setting up the front shocks,brackets,etc.The bottom mounting brackets which I made from 1/8" stock have not been tacked on to the axle system.I am waiting for final ride height in order to determine how much of the bracket I need to trim off in order to get about a third of the shock compressed under weight.This is an original old school straight axle that was used on alterds that ran in the 60's.It is a "CAE" unit,and I have only seen one since on a ride.I was drooling,man,shouldda been ashamed of myself.
Top tacked,bottom loose,aprox,shock angle is 20 degrees.
Close Look of Fabricated Mounted Brakets,Waiting for Permanent Home.
Vintique Headlamp Bracket.
Closer Look Of Bracket Before Modifying.
Top Shot ot Right Side'
It was given to me from my father & mother for my high school graduation.Just what I wanted too,[no damm watch for me].It came from Strick's Speed Shop in Washington,DC. My father's body shop was just down the street off of 14th. street also.Both are long gone.
Front shocks for proper ride should be mounted at about a 20 degree angle for best ride control.It not only helps ride,but stablizes better when turning.
The picture of my hand with the shinny metal piece is a headlite' mount that mounts on the upper shock bolt and frame bracket.These are Vintique units made out of stainless. Because of the closeness of the upper shock mount and the top of the bracket,I'm gonna have to modify the headlite' mount pieces so they clear the upper part of the shock.I haven't figured extactly how I'm going to do this,but will let you know.

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