Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well after getting snow and ice yesterday I was ready to curse the weather guy.I'll get over it.Anyway this gave me the opportunity to do spring clean up and put all the parts,and everything else up on shelves and brackets.Went all the way around the garage with it.Looks good and it gets everything off the benches and and clean,for working.I would never have  known I had all this room till I cleaned it up and moved everything up on the walls. I didn't tell my wife what I did..She'll want to put her car in there.She must be crazy!Putting all the tools back in the box,so I can start over and go back to working the frame.At least I'll know where everything is for a while now.By doing all this I think I gained valuable space both on the benches and floor space.You would think that after being in the trade for so many years,I should have known better.Guess I'm getting lazy in my old age,or maybe an old dog and a new trick.Here are some pictures of the additional room I gained.
I promise to start back on the frame and talk that next time.I got the majority of the components I need to continue on with the frame building process[Been nickel & diming it for a long time & selling a few things on E-Bay now and then helps also].
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