Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well in honor of Breast Cancer Month,I figure I owe at least one of my rattling's to this horrorble thing that strikes both women and men alike.I know it well as my spouse of 37 plus years is 5 years clean as of this writing.
Ok,here we go.I started to tack up the Vega box and postioned it where box ,drag link,pitman arm and pannard rod system would sit without getting into each others way.This is not permanet yet as I am going to start postioning the FE motor next and see where everything will be welded up and find it's final home.
Last Saturday morning,Panhead Phil & Homer came over,with Panhead's "cherry picker" so I can use it next week to set the motor and mounts in.Then we all headed up to Reading,Pa with my son for the Toyo Nationals.[I still consider it the Keystone Nationals].It just sounds right,you know what I mean?BEtween the 3 of us,Homer,Panhead and myself-The Flyin Wop,there is over 100 years of FOMOCO knowledge.So I guess we have a fair amount of know how when it comes to talking automobiles and how they are made to run.
The Nationals were great,some real low ET's were set,don't know it they were records or not.Nitro Alley was hopping as ususal,and the nitro fumes were everywhere.[Man I could "OD" on that stuff.There's just no other scent like it.Maybe I ought to market a new after shave just for us guys who can never get enough of it.Whatcha think?Replies are welcome.
Here are some pictures of Homer&Panhead inspecting my work,making sure everythin's looks ok before we headed out to the Nationals.

Paisano-The Flyin' Wop

Paisano with one of America's Finest
Pssst-that's not my beer there!

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