Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well Panhead Phil let me borrow his "Cherry Picker".So I decided to give it a shot and see how the block/trans would fit between the frame rails.This is only a test fit and nothing is writen in stone yet as I'm checking clearnaces.
  1. Examples -where my hand is holding the new billet oil filter pick-up.It seems that it will interfere with the steering box.This billet pickup is better,bigger oriffices and yet its about an 1" shorter.Hard to believe,eh?
I moved the block back a little further and cleared that,Now the trans is hitting the back top cross member as you can see by the flicks.A little more mod to the cross member will be easier than trying to clear a steering box,
Right?This is not the block that's going to be used for the car.The real block is under wraps.

This is a real nice piece I'm holding here

There's those "Model's Hands" again
This cross member is hitting the tailshaft housing
perventing the engine from sitting straight up.It's 9 degrees tilt down in the rear.

 Solid Motor Mounts

Next step will be to cut the motor mounts plates that weld onto the sides of the frame and rear trans mount,which I had previously taken out so the trans would move around a little better while jocking it around.Anyway the block/trans is 9 degrees off and needs to be stright and parallel.You should try to correct this cause you will need not only to have a straight shot [AND I DO MEAN STRAIT]! to the rear axle system.Can't be more than a few degrees off.IF not, it will vibrate,and you will have handling and U-JOINT problems.
The engine needs to have the intake manifold and fuel system as straight as possible to keep everything  [fuel ]
going to all the places it should, right.
9 degrees more engine trans needed

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