Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Setting up the New Spindles

Last night I received the new spindles from JW  Rod Garage.They are are good people to deal with,and they stand by their products. Eric in sales/tech is real easy to talk to and very helpful.Prices are fair also.Tell them the Fyin Wop sent ya.
These were Super Bell units and they said that the bushings in the  units are pre-reamed in the spindles.I ordered a new king pin kit along with the spindles.They were a super tight fit,and I knew I was going to have a problem if instsalled that way.
I pulled out a brake wheel cylinder hone,attached to a drill and some penetrating oil,and honed them out a little bit more.that did the trick and now they fit snug on the axle and spindle.They should loosen up a little bit more when the grease get moving around them.
I'll be flipping the frame over next week when some friends come over to start the engine/trans mock up.

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