Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Set Backs are part of the game

I guess there's always a set back when doing things from scratch.Last week when I was setting up the front steering,rods,etc,I ran into the common problem of clearance  of the drag link.It was hitting the radius arms,preventing full travel.The solution to this is the famous well known,art of heating the spindle where the curve of it starts to lower it aprox.3/8 to 1/2" or so.All went well when I did this.The secret is to heat the spindle till its cherry red,but not enough for it to start that "flaking" of the metal,before it starts to seperate and melt.You have to do this process slowly and take your time.Use a long pipe to do the bending.They say to do this on a big vise, or on the axle, so I chose to do this on the axle,with all rubber and joints off.That way I didn't have to possibly over bend the spindle arm.And besides,running back and forth with heated metal and assembling for fit just wasn't in my nomanclayture.{I can't run worth a damm anymore}You have to let these pieces cool down on there own,Slowly!! is the word for this ,[not dipping on water whatsoever,belive me].Everything came out well I thought.So I figured that I would take the spindles to Bill Colman's shop and have them manafluxed.[He did all my block prep] Cheap insurance,I thought considering these pieces are what's going to tie the front wheel on eh?Before we eve started he told me that these old boys [44-48],were famous for cracking around the machined area near where the back bearing inner race seats.
Man if  he wasn't right,one had a crack in it 3/4" & the other almost a 1/2". Where I had heated it was ok.At least I didn't screw that up,which gave me some encouragement.

Anyhow,Bill charged me 20 bucks and was on my way home,after he recogmended not to use them,unless I wanted to walk home someday,and maybe in one piece if I was lucky.So I drove home accepting his exprience in these matters,and went on line to buy a new set.Here's a couple flicks of the spindles,showing where to heat them in order to modify for radius road clearance and where they are prone to hairline cracks.[My fingers point to where to heat,pic/#1,and where the cracks are#2].
**"I know what your thinkin'.My hands are so pretty,that I should have been a "Hand Jewelery Model",right"?**With a size 16 ring finger,these Meat Hooks can bearly make a fist anymore.

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