Monday, September 13, 2010

Mocking Up the Front End

Well I'm starting the front end fitting.I clamped  the spring down to get the system basicly in a fairly straight line.Took some measurements and tacked up the radious rod brackets to the frame.  Then I took a measurement to see if the brackets were distanced the same from the axle and related pieces.The rods slipped in easy due to having the front axle staight and inline.I tacked up the Panhard rod bracket and took a measurement from both mounting locations,measured distance and this will be the length od the panhard rod.This is not in concrete due to I'm waiting for the Vega box bracket for a fit and clearance.I'll tack that up and see if there will be any interfrence with the drag link to radius rods.Here are some pictues of the front mock-up so far.
*Just remember to put anti-seize compound on all your threads,especially if working with premium stuff like stainless or I can gaurantee you will wish you did!

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