Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9" Ford Housing

Waitin' For A New Home

Great Henry J at this year's Columbus Good Guy Show

 I shorted this 9" Fomoco housing many,moons ago.Its 52" from end to end.Considering that the demensions in the rear chassis is 44" that gives about 4" on each side not including the axle flanges where the rims will bolt.It is a rare housing as its tubes are thicker than the average 9".It has 7/16" axle plate holes and big bearings on them,with 31 spline axles.I am getting ready to ship the axles out and have them shorted &resplined,with new bearings & locks.Moser's is gettin' the job,as I have been given a fair price for the job."Senior Citizen Discount" I would recogned. 
It came out of an T'Bird.Paid about 50 bucks for it and it came with everything,punkin and all.I'll use use the pumpkin for mock up,etc as a couple center sections ready to go now.I used to do quite a bit of axle work,in the old days,and have just able all the set up tools I need plus.
I can't do much heavy work as I have had bad Spinal Stenosis and severe Arthritis, with 4 major operations 2 years ago.I have to rely on family & friends to help move things around  most of the time.No more sad stories,I promise!
Anyway,here are a couple flicks of it.

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