Monday, August 2, 2010

Mistakes made in my youth

First & foremost,let me apoligize for letting this blog go so long without adding anything to it.Some important family issues takes priority over all.Now that I got that out of the way,lets get going.I had a long,long time ago,cut and welded all rivet holes,mounting locations,etc.Man,what was I thinking?I had also boxed the frame,without installing body mounting holes,had welded them up too.and hopefully my last stupid blunder was to install less than desireable thickness boxing plates on top of all this mess!Well,you know what would happen if installing a 4-link rear and a big block to it,right? Well I drilled,cut openings on the inside of the boxing plates,welded flat type welding nuts [3/8],taped everthing out to have a nice mounting for the body.
I am installing 10 gauge frame boxing plates over the old plates.I know what your thinking,why not just weld some heavier plates over critical areas and go from there.I really do not want to go that route,I rather be safe than sorry in the future.Everything is getting tiged into place.
Man what a dumb ass, I must have really taped into Mom's medicine cabinet to many tmes.
I found that the frame was off by about 5/8" in the center,so I used a porta power to bring everthing out to specs,and welded square tubing to hold temparily in place.Don't want it to move when I start welding the cross membe set up in place. I'm using an original copy of a 33-34 chassis blueprint.I have 2 differnat copies,and both are differant by about 1/16".Also,you kind of have to be careful,cause the pick-up chassis specs are also shown.Can't mix the 2 up,or else,you'll be drilling a bunch of unnecassary holes,like the ones in my head.
Here are some pics of what's going on.

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