Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well folks,of what I saw of  the Carlisle Ford show was nothing to brag  about.It was Mustang,upon Mustang ! Must have been a thousand of them.Believe me,I do not have anything against Mustangs[I owned 5 of them],its just seems that's 80 percent was in this catagory.The vendors also were there,a lot of the reliables were missing.Not to many parts under the 50's year range.And it seems that nobody was given anything away.I didn't see any deals there. I don't mind paying for something that I think is reasonable.Prices were compatable to what's on line,even with shipping added to the tag.
This picture is of Dick Estevez of the world famous Phil Bonner Car," Daddy Warbucks". This car ran in the early sixties through today.Dick is the owner /driver now,yet of what he tells us Phil Bonner still has his hands in it.[Good for him].We all like to see things like that.And if you ever been to the races,you know that this
ride really hums.
The last picture is of a Fairlane with a real 427 Tunnel Port setup.
Talked to the owner and he calms he's got over 40 grand invested just in the motor! By the looks of the great detail of his ride,I have no doubts about his claims.Its Beautiful !
Paisano- The Flyin Wop
Man,have I got to lose that gut!Paisno,with the other two "Unholy's"

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