Monday, June 14, 2010


Elvis is alive and well,here at Englishtown.Here I have living proof!

This is not a Homeless Man-hint-no cup full of pencils.It's Homer,taking a break from the heat.
It was hot as hell in Englishtown this weekend.Went there on Satururday with Panhead and a new member of our crew,Jim-aka "Homer".He's probably the "Best Front End Man" in the East coast  in my opinion. And believe me,I've seen a lot of them !

 The conditions there were pretty good,considering the heat.Et's were fair.People were sweating & having a good time as it appears.It was a shame that a racer died this past Friday in a mishap.You could feel it out there that it was felt.
This is Panhead head with some of Englishtown's Finest.And to think his mother had to tie a pork chop bone around his neck to get the the dog to play with him,when he was a little kiddie!My wife thinks I'm a dirty old man.
y Paisano trying out his new spark plug ear plugs.What,what "jouu" say?
Here's a shot of the Famous Englishtown Tower.It really does have a lot of features that you don't see here.
The "WINNER" of the Ugliest Shirt contest goes to this dude. His prize [punishment actually],is having his picture on this site!Panhead & Homer were checking him out to see where he got it, so they can also add to there their own  fashion wear!Was looking for the "Golden Greek",but he was a no show.Well maybe next time.

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