Friday, June 18, 2010

The Flyin' Wop: Canadian Street Rodding Hall of FameTags

The Flyin' Wop: Canadian Street Rodding Hall of FameTags

Monday, June 14, 2010


Elvis is alive and well,here at Englishtown.Here I have living proof!

This is not a Homeless Man-hint-no cup full of pencils.It's Homer,taking a break from the heat.
It was hot as hell in Englishtown this weekend.Went there on Satururday with Panhead and a new member of our crew,Jim-aka "Homer".He's probably the "Best Front End Man" in the East coast  in my opinion. And believe me,I've seen a lot of them !

 The conditions there were pretty good,considering the heat.Et's were fair.People were sweating & having a good time as it appears.It was a shame that a racer died this past Friday in a mishap.You could feel it out there that it was felt.
This is Panhead head with some of Englishtown's Finest.And to think his mother had to tie a pork chop bone around his neck to get the the dog to play with him,when he was a little kiddie!My wife thinks I'm a dirty old man.
y Paisano trying out his new spark plug ear plugs.What,what "jouu" say?
Here's a shot of the Famous Englishtown Tower.It really does have a lot of features that you don't see here.
The "WINNER" of the Ugliest Shirt contest goes to this dude. His prize [punishment actually],is having his picture on this site!Panhead & Homer were checking him out to see where he got it, so they can also add to there their own  fashion wear!Was looking for the "Golden Greek",but he was a no show.Well maybe next time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Center cross member getting ready to find a home

Well,I'm starting to mock up the center cross member to its new home.We made it a little bit larger than we needed so well be cutting it to fit this week some time.Then we'll bring the engine/trans and begin that mock up for location.
Heading for English Town ths weekend for the Summer Nationals.Its called somthing else now,but I don't care,its still Summer Nats to me and will always will be.Can't change and OLD DOG ~
Well folks,of what I saw of  the Carlisle Ford show was nothing to brag  about.It was Mustang,upon Mustang ! Must have been a thousand of them.Believe me,I do not have anything against Mustangs[I owned 5 of them],its just seems that's 80 percent was in this catagory.The vendors also were there,a lot of the reliables were missing.Not to many parts under the 50's year range.And it seems that nobody was given anything away.I didn't see any deals there. I don't mind paying for something that I think is reasonable.Prices were compatable to what's on line,even with shipping added to the tag.
This picture is of Dick Estevez of the world famous Phil Bonner Car," Daddy Warbucks". This car ran in the early sixties through today.Dick is the owner /driver now,yet of what he tells us Phil Bonner still has his hands in it.[Good for him].We all like to see things like that.And if you ever been to the races,you know that this
ride really hums.
The last picture is of a Fairlane with a real 427 Tunnel Port setup.
Talked to the owner and he calms he's got over 40 grand invested just in the motor! By the looks of the great detail of his ride,I have no doubts about his claims.Its Beautiful !
Paisano- The Flyin Wop
Man,have I got to lose that gut!Paisno,with the other two "Unholy's"

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Heading to Calrlisle Sturday with The Breeze and Panhead Phil,to the Ford Show.We're going to check out for some goodies and see what else is out there this year.always looking for bargains,when you are nickel and diming like I have.
Anyhow it gets me out of the house for a while,"Yes Dear",if you get my Drift.
* And don't tell me you don't know what I mean.Most of us are on the same boat if you been married for a good while.