Friday, May 14, 2010

Well Folks,my son and a couple of his strong arms are coming over so we can pull the body off and start putting the frame together.I just about have all the suspension and cross member materials to start welding the parts in.I'm using the same straight front axle that I got for my High School graduation,[thanks Dad].It is a CAE unit that they used on the old Fuel altered rockets in the 60's.,Real cool vintage stuff,I have only seen one guy running one and it looked real neat to me.Can't  wait to get it rolling.I just about figured where I want the engine trans placement.I'm getting ready to cut some of the floor board,that my father had hand made for me many,many moons ago.I'll post some flicks soon as I begin the trans/engine future home.Thanks for looking,Paisano
ps- Panhead's  getting tickets for Englishtown next month so a few of us old farts will be going up there to get our NITRO FIX !
Beats "Geritole"

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