Friday, April 23, 2010

That Shellby Intake

That intake in the setting is the same type and size as the famous tunnel ports,that Fomoco ran 2 years in the 60's.However it is called a "Tunnel Wedge",because it is made to run on the Non -Tunnel Port Heads.It will work on all FE's without mods.Youll'l need to open the heads up because of the size of the runners. The runners are not round like the regular Tunnel Port that everyone is familar with,but are rectangular like all FE's.This is going to bolt up to the Cobra Jet heads for my block.I'm waiting for the final #'s as the block was decked .030 & I have to see how much comes off the heads,before install.We'll have to shave an amount off the sides to make a perfect fit.This setup is also new.I bought it when I was a kid.Its been in the original box all these years!

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