Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Carlisle-2010

Saturday at Carlisle was pretty cool!Panhead Phil &and I got there about 9:30 am,a lot of people were thinking the same thing we were.It was crowded,but manageable.Started lookin' for bargains to be had.Found a few that I thought was fair pricing plus[didn't have to pay shipping cost].I was happy with what I bought.Still looking for a nice 33 Ford grille without having to double mortgage the house for.I'll keep lookin.Took a couple pictures of the scenery.That's me with that "cutie" from a Rust Proofing Co.that was trying to sell its ware. [Don't worry,I'm harmless &and,not a dirty old man].In the lower right  is Panhead Phil thinking those are "Bourbon" bottles behind him.I wonder what goes on his mind sometimes.
And  on the upper right is a basic scene of what's going on.I think it would have taken 2 days to have seen everthing,but not enough time,as "Jamoc" my wife, would not let me loose on my own for that  long.[Yes dear].
Over all,I thought the prices were pretty good this year.I usually look on line to get a basic idea of what were look'n for and price wise and go from there.I thought I did ok.
ps. Grandaughter #2 is not born born yet

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