Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ford FE Block back from machine shop

Just got the block and rotating pieces back for the machine shop.Had the block cooked and fluxed to check for cracks.The block is now .030 over,with speed pro pistons and rings with reliefs.They are forged,not cast or hyper crap.The deck is .030,Have installed a girdle support

to hold the bottom end together.the block is a Ford FE block.I chose this block over the other cause this has super strong webbing and block supports cast on the outside.with a higher nickel content.The rods are 428 Cobra jet with a  GT crank,.The Mains have been aligned bored as the stock bolts have been replaced with ARP studs.To fit the girdle,the mains had to be machined to get everything in line before it gets bored.This is a must.This machine work was done by the one and only BILL COLMAN.Probably one of the most respected machine men around.The rotating assembly was sent out to House of Balance to have it balanced.

The block oil galleries have been taped and has restrictors installed as this will run a solid lifter cam.Believe it or not I bought the cam and complete valve train when I was about 17 years old.Its a real Shelby kit that was run on the 427 Lemans cars that ran in 66-68 that won.Has big lift and duration.Should be pretty good,I hope.
We were going to put in screw in freeze plugs,but the tap for this is big bucks.So We put in stainless
plugs instead. I have brass plugs,but chose the stainless instead.
Thanks for lookin'

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