Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chassis Parts are staring to roll in

Well now that I have basiclly have the body were I want to fit on the frame,we're put one of my spare blocks with a c-6 trans case bolted up to it for an enitial mock up of where we want to recess the engine.Next step is to cut into the floor board which was made by my father[thanks DAD] years ago.He died to young,wish he was still here.He was a hell of a body man.Had his own shop and I sure could use some tips from him.After that we are going to raise the block up to where we it to weld up the solid motor mounts system to the frame.I'll post pictures of this as we are going along.Probably starting next week. Still working on the spring lawn and garden.I do have a real life you know! That's what my wife says,[MAN IS SHE WRONG].
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