Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Carlisle-2010

Saturday at Carlisle was pretty cool!Panhead Phil &and I got there about 9:30 am,a lot of people were thinking the same thing we were.It was crowded,but manageable.Started lookin' for bargains to be had.Found a few that I thought was fair pricing plus[didn't have to pay shipping cost].I was happy with what I bought.Still looking for a nice 33 Ford grille without having to double mortgage the house for.I'll keep lookin.Took a couple pictures of the scenery.That's me with that "cutie" from a Rust Proofing Co.that was trying to sell its ware. [Don't worry,I'm harmless &and,not a dirty old man].In the lower right  is Panhead Phil thinking those are "Bourbon" bottles behind him.I wonder what goes on his mind sometimes.
And  on the upper right is a basic scene of what's going on.I think it would have taken 2 days to have seen everthing,but not enough time,as "Jamoc" my wife, would not let me loose on my own for that  long.[Yes dear].
Over all,I thought the prices were pretty good this year.I usually look on line to get a basic idea of what were look'n for and price wise and go from there.I thought I did ok.
ps. Grandaughter #2 is not born born yet

Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Welding Tips Even Though Everyone's An Expert Welder Right ?


2nd Navy SEAL found not guilty in Iraq

2nd Navy SEAL found not guilty in Iraq

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That Shellby Intake

That intake in the setting is the same type and size as the famous tunnel ports,that Fomoco ran 2 years in the 60's.However it is called a "Tunnel Wedge",because it is made to run on the Non -Tunnel Port Heads.It will work on all FE's without mods.Youll'l need to open the heads up because of the size of the runners. The runners are not round like the regular Tunnel Port that everyone is familar with,but are rectangular like all FE's.This is going to bolt up to the Cobra Jet heads for my block.I'm waiting for the final #'s as the block was decked .030 & I have to see how much comes off the heads,before install.We'll have to shave an amount off the sides to make a perfect fit.This setup is also new.I bought it when I was a kid.Its been in the original box all these years!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saturday April 24th

See ya at Carlisle.I'll be there with PanHead Phil,unless grandaughter #2 is born .
Oh yeah,I just had someone come by and look at it and had the nerve to tell me I ought to replace the front axle assembly with an air ride.
"Some people just don't get iy,you know?"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chassis Parts are staring to roll in

Well now that I have basiclly have the body were I want to fit on the frame,we're put one of my spare blocks with a c-6 trans case bolted up to it for an enitial mock up of where we want to recess the engine.Next step is to cut into the floor board which was made by my father[thanks DAD] years ago.He died to young,wish he was still here.He was a hell of a body man.Had his own shop and I sure could use some tips from him.After that we are going to raise the block up to where we it to weld up the solid motor mounts system to the frame.I'll post pictures of this as we are going along.Probably starting next week. Still working on the spring lawn and garden.I do have a real life you know! That's what my wife says,[MAN IS SHE WRONG].
Thanks for lookin',

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well I have just about all the motor parts.About 3/4 of the frame parts enough to keep me welding for a while.I had my son, "The Breeze" come over last week and help me line up the body on the frame,so I can get all the body mounting holes in line .Its about a 1/2 inch off. so I gotta work on that shortly before we get ready to cut for a transmission hump.Then I'll pull the body off and start with the frame mockup.Sprung a few buck to put a personel touch to the valve covers! I want to thank Angelucci Manufactoring for the valve cover work.They are great people to deal with. AAA+++ custom machining.

Until next post,Thanks for viewing, Paisano

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ford FE Block back from machine shop

Just got the block and rotating pieces back for the machine shop.Had the block cooked and fluxed to check for cracks.The block is now .030 over,with speed pro pistons and rings with reliefs.They are forged,not cast or hyper crap.The deck is .030,Have installed a girdle support

to hold the bottom end together.the block is a Ford FE block.I chose this block over the other cause this has super strong webbing and block supports cast on the outside.with a higher nickel content.The rods are 428 Cobra jet with a  GT crank,.The Mains have been aligned bored as the stock bolts have been replaced with ARP studs.To fit the girdle,the mains had to be machined to get everything in line before it gets bored.This is a must.This machine work was done by the one and only BILL COLMAN.Probably one of the most respected machine men around.The rotating assembly was sent out to House of Balance to have it balanced.

The block oil galleries have been taped and has restrictors installed as this will run a solid lifter cam.Believe it or not I bought the cam and complete valve train when I was about 17 years old.Its a real Shelby kit that was run on the 427 Lemans cars that ran in 66-68 that won.Has big lift and duration.Should be pretty good,I hope.
We were going to put in screw in freeze plugs,but the tap for this is big bucks.So We put in stainless
plugs instead. I have brass plugs,but chose the stainless instead.
Thanks for lookin'

Spring 2010 Start of Buildup

Well its been a while but here goes.I been nickel and diming parts for this buying the best that I can afford and parts I can weld so I can save $.I have 2 fe motors one for a mock up which is seen with the trans installed getting ready to measure for the floor cut out.