Wednesday, October 31, 2012

These are a couple of pictures of support bars that are tack welded to on of the front braces I weld to the inside upper cowl area from left to right.
The bars are extended to the the rear approx. 8-10  inches  from the rear window.area.

This shot angle shows the tubes anchored to the rear area.

I heated the top tube a little and bent it down a bit as to take the pressure off the tube pressed
against the bottom one.This also takes pressure off of where they are tacked on each end.

The alignment tubes are a couple pieces of "black" tubing I had around and tacked on to the front
Just make sure they are fairly straight.
The purpose is to keep the body from flexing and distorting from welds and moving around.I will test fit the door before and after the supports are tacked in.