Monday, October 3, 2011

Spring Clean Up in Late Summer

Ya Hoo,I can Finally Find Something In Here!
It Also Doubles As A Disco Palace On Weekends!
[check out disco ball]

The Flyin Wop's Speed Shop
I had a chance to clean up the place and get everything off the work benches.Seems I was getting tired of looking for things all the time under this and that.Not that I'm still looking for things,as usual,I always misplace stuff.[who doesn't ?].Looks a lot better.I put everything up on shelves all the way around the shop and was able to get two rows of shelving and in some places,three.Man,I never knew I had so much stuff and room now.Just used simple "L"  brackets and Pine boards.Looks good and I'm happy now,and it looks frst class.